Please help me, why rejected my flyer?


How I can fix for accepted to sell? I not understand because not accepted it.

Please help me :slight_smile: Thanks.

Como puedo arreglar para aceptar a vender? No entiendo porque no aceptada eso.

Por favor ayudarme :slight_smile: Gracias.


Didn’t you post this the other day? What was wrong with the answers you got then?


Then what I can make a flyer autumn? sorry for days.

I wrong date for flyer.


hi for me you will have to bring more work to the table, bring more elements, more originality and maybe a bit more work as far as typo go , too . the Party is hard to read and choosing another color would be a smart move indeed. the final black line looks strange also as u do not have any other black typo anywhere else … . For me it would take more work on the central banner so that it looks good and less “compact” or “massive” and dropping a shadow behind the girl would be a great idea so that she gets smoother in the flyer , when , at this stage, she loosk “cut and pasted” in the flyer , i also assume that same goes with the ice cubes too


@n2n44 do you have a email? I need help me better my flyer regards.


yes buddy, u can either choose to send me a message from my profile page or contact me at :wink:


Thanks @r2n44 I will to send your email when I finish my flyer :slight_smile: