Is accepted or rejected?

Hi to all:

I not know if accepted my flyer for sell, please help me, thanks :smile:

Hola a Todos:

No sé si aceptada mi flyer para vender, por favor ayudarme, gracias :smile:

please help me

I would say that it will get rejected.

Text is hard to read, all of the leaves are facing the same way, and could use some motion blurr, the whole piece is too basic in design, and the model doesn’t quite fit.

Best to put some of the text on the left, and leave the model.

I did a 4th July flyer like that, (click on avatar and link) but the statue of liberty was included.


Many thanks, I think that I need practice more for professional my flyer, again thanks for you help me :slight_smile:


hi, for me it would be rejected indeed, i know that some items like this are being approved, but as for me , this is always a problem to have an item really too much based on a photograph, as, when the buyers buy them, they would be like “uh??? i bought only this??!!”

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good behavior and attitude , i guess u 'll improve very soon and have many approved items in the future :wink:

@n2n44 Yes, you have reason, I wrong make photos with flyer :frowning:

in fact what u did is harmonious, it’s just that u need to bring more work into it :wink: