Please help me about technical requirements



Dear Graphicriver Authors. I can’t figure out a few things about Logo Template Requirements. First of all, what exactly does ‘Layered’ mean when uploading Logo? ‘layered’ is meant to ‘layered EPS’ or ‘Layered PNG’ ? Do AI files not already be layered? I checked the uploaded logos. In some, the Layered part is marked as yes, but some are marked as no. But from the outside, the file formats are the same.I’m sorry, I hope I can tell. My second question: I’m using Adobe CC 2019. do I need to save files as Adobe CS? So I want to know what the ‘Minimum Adobe CS Version’ section means?


hi, this means that basically u have separated elements and that they editable … this implies that u have the texts not being merged with the illustration , ong is not required apart from a preview but in any case, if i were u i would make a jpg file rather than a png one for the preview anyways …
the ai files are originally layered

for your other question u are expected to provide an illustrator 10 version , which basically means a very old one , not sure anyone uses such a thing but at least , u are expected to provide it , besides, talking about requirements, this is expected to have both horizontal and vertical versions of the logo …


Thank you so much for your help. Now I’m starting to understand these issues better.


i hope i could help u :slight_smile: