Please Help! An Year of Hardwork resulted in Hard Rejection

Dear Expert Authors,

Our year of hardwork for WordPress theme development have received hard rejection today in first attempt after 16 days of review. We would be very thankful for all your feedbacks on the theme, pls find the demo url below…

This is our first submission on Themeforest and we’re pretty much unsure about the exact reason for hard rejection. PLEASE help us improve the quality of this theme. we’re pretty much using unsplash images in theme, can hard rejection be something related to copyright images or so?. Do you think our massive theme can go above the quality grade requirement with any improvements?.

Reason of Rejection: “Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements”.

Thanks a lot in advance for all your valuable feedbacks!,

Your work and concept are nice but there is a lack of quality standard in navbar(Top), it seems very unstable. Additionally, your theme has not perfect fitting in browser (even in chrome with different resolutions). Even, it is a responsive theme, still a scrollbar appears in bottom for left to right scrolling sometimes. This problem is putting your theme far from standard and quality grade.
Hope you understand!

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Thank you so much for your valuable feedback UltimateKode :slight_smile:

Design is just not good enough. Poor typography, very bad choice of images and overall genericness of whole concept. I mean even if you got it approved, you won’t sell much, if anything. Just compare your design to any of the best sellers for example - there is a HUGE difference in quality. If you don’t see it, then you just have to practice more. Also, my laptop’s fans went crazy after a while while browsing your site, which means you have some very serious optimization issues there.

My advice will be to start with something MUCH simpler. Like HTML landing page or something like that. With all due respect, but you obviously lack the experience to create a big multipurpose theme. Unless you have a strong, experienced team behind you, trying to make it with a multipurpose theme nowadays is a total waste of time. I mean even if you had such a team it would be a big risk.


Poor typography, very bad choice of images

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Thanks a lot for all your feedbacks!.. That helped Us a lot…

Can we Please get some more feedbacks from top authors here before we jump into overall design tweak…

Being first submission, I’m not sure who is the reviewer and does hard rejection only relate to visual design & nothing else like coding issues, theme check, W3C errors or so?.

If design is not good enough, reviewer won’t event check the code. And my guess is that this is such a case. It is obvious that you put a lot of work into it, but that absolutely doesn’t matter in the end. Reviewers and buyers don’t care how much time you spent on this. Unless you find a good designer who can completely redone the visual side of it, you are just wasting time.

Ad code quality: you are loading 58 !!! JavaScript files and 33 CSS files. That’s insane. So I guess your coding isn’t very up to par as well.

So, my final advice: dump this theme, find a good designer, start with something simpler like landing page template or under construction template. You need to raise the complexity of your items gradually. Thinking you can just create a big WP theme without proper experience and make money on it just like that is very unrealistic and naive (but I was the same when I started years ago). Don’t be afraid to start from scratch and learn from your mistakes. Good luck.

Thanks guys for all your feedbacks! that definitely helped Me learn something & plan few things accordingly :slight_smile:

@LSVRthemes I definitely love top themes in Themeforest, have been following latest design trends and agree that their design quality has huge difference compared to my theme. This is my first step in themeforest though but the complexity of the developed theme is equal to 3 minor themes you’re suggesting to develop. With all due respect, If you cant provide a best advice or some motivation to improve things, you better gotta stop discouraging others or ask them to dump all their hardwork. FYI Even a lot worse, bad typo, bad spacing, super basic design, high contrast colors based theme like Stark have been recently approved.


Don’t do this.
His got approved, yours did not.
His > yours.

You don’t want an advice, you want a pat on the back that your theme is great, just need to change this and that and it will be surely approved. Well, I am telling you that it is very far from that. The best thing you can do is to find a designer who will completely redesign it or raise your own design skills (or anyone’s who designed it) several tiers up. If that’s not the advice you were expecting then sorry. But the sooner you realize I am right, the sooner you can move forward.

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yes i accept with @LSVRthemes

Vijay you sound like a typical aspirant who spent countless hours and worked by heart,
and you can’t take criticism because that hurts you emotionally.

been there, done that and seen countless people doing here…

i did same mistake as yours before…pointing other themes that mine is better than theirs,
two things happened

  1. people stopped replying because obviously they know i don’t want their advice but pat on back
  2. those avg quality themes didnt sell at all (even if approved)

ask yourself, do you want your theme to approved or you want to submit a theme which has potential to attract atleast 100 sales.

a theme with no sales means no value to you (currently in tf you can see 100s of themes like that)

I agree that lot of design improvement is required… I am planning various strategies for that and also going for an experienced designer to completely redesign. Except design, I’m very much confident that the backend, Interface, options, elements packed within my theme are huge & suits lot of niche. Suggestion of dumping the theme and starting from scratch was the only negative approach that I oppose. Finally, thanks for all your suggestions :blush:

Sounds good Jyostna! Thanks… I will definitely come up with way better design, still with my themes massive backend & improved elements.