Please feedback my flyer before I will submit graphicriver.

Hi to all:

My flyer need approved item on graphicriver, please help me thanks.


It looks like you spent 2 minutes on the typography…


than, how I can work typography more minutes?

Yes, l would remove the white bar, push the background to cover the entire flyer, (but don’t distort the background or it will get rejected). Do something with the red rectangle, (at least put a pattern affect on it, Youtube that) and put gradients behind the DJ text, as some is hard to read.

But l agree a lot more could be done with the main header, (you can YT that for a video walkthrough also).

But Xmas seems to be pretty quiet here, so it might be best to take a break, and get into Valentines Day ones.


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Many thanks. :slight_smile:

It’s better with rounded rectangle. I mean the red rectangle.