Pirates party Flyer rejected

Hello, can anyone tell me why my first flyer been rejected?
It’s about the quality guidelines.
What does this means?
Spent a lot of time to design 3D artwork.
Thank you

hi, well the problem is not coming from your 3d elements, to say the least , u did a pretty good job in this side in my view. However, i am not really sure about the way u organize them indeed. The composition looks uneven and the saocing on the canvas as well . if u want to keep the composition as such , i suggest that u turn your flyer into a landcsape format flyer …
one way or another, the typo part is not satisfying at this stage , especially to make here, as u aer expected to make a real effort in terms of typo here …
the texture in half of the main title is clearly not a good idea, this is making the thing look strange
the banner with teh date inside is too flat , u need to introduce some relief into it in order to make the element look more realistic and better looking too
introducing some shadows in som spots would take your item to the next level as well

Thank you very much for your feedback
I improved the 3D artwork and typo.

well indeed, sorry to say just this, but as for me i see very little improvement …
u have the same spacing issues, typo is not convincing yet , the banner itself is still very flat , the text inside is a bit better , yes but the banner is stil flat as beforehand …