My first 2 flyers been rejected why?

Anyone know why these are rejected? its about Quality.



There’s a few issues, but the most prevalent is the 3D models. The “gold” one looks more like butter, it’s so flat and matte, no reflections, and the material doesn’t behave at all like gold.

For the salsa one, it’s not a good idea to use those 3D models of people, it makes it look cheap. Best to use a stock photo of actual people, which can then be replaced by the buyer (you can’t include the stock photo in your file, only the preview).

There are quite a few other issues, such as blurry and unfitting fonts, weird sizing for the flyers themselves, readability, blurry textures and images, etc.

lol are u sure that this is not the cheap surrounding that makes the 3d model look bad instead? lol

hi if u ask me one of the main issue with what u have done here is that in both cases, this is not telling people a story … this is hard to really identify the concept so to speak , or at least right now, this is too flat to be really convincing …
then what @XioxGraphix told u is pretty exact … the gold des not look like gold and this is contributing to end up killing the supposed concept… besides , still about this flyer, i have the feeling of a combinations of elements being pasted right next to each other without u really managed to make a whole …
in addition, let’s face it , the thing to really work needs u to invest more time and effort to make the scenery look more realistic, by dropping shadows wherever it takes some for instance …

for the salsa one, thesis rather likely to make me think of @eduardotrueba 's work but very very very far away from the original indeed … i guess that observing how Eduardo is combining elements and so on would help u to get to the next level indeed … but , in any case, just try to make sure that elements have a link with each other … right now the footer looks randomly placed and disconnected from the rest and same goes with all sideway texts … besides, right now the club name is missing … and this is also part of the reason why your design looks “crippled”

Ok thank you for some advice.
I will make a more realistic gold safe and leave the 3D models away.
I noticed that it looks like eduardotrueba’s flyer but his version is much better.

I will take more time for my next flyers.