Pink / Magenta Cast on uploaded images

Hi guys,

I’m really giving up here. I am trying to upload my new project to Behance and for some reason my uploaded images get a pink / magenta cast. This is the original image:

This is the uploaded image:

When I upload it to Instagram or facebook, it is ok. There is no cast.

I tried to change the colour profile from Adobe RGB to sRGB, clear my cache before uploading new images, but it doesn’t help. I save my images in Photoshop as “Save for Web” and I tick “Convert to sRGB” box. No change even if I untick this box. The weirdest about all this is that sometimes it is ok on Behance but pink on Instagram or Facebook. What the hell is going on? Can anyone help please?

Maybe the same issue like described here (with the solution): ?

Hi Hevada, I tried your solution but nothing changed. It is still pink… Thank you for your answer.

Solved. I am using Chrome browser. I just tried Opera and it is working fine. I don’t know why, maybe some extensions are causing this, but I’m happy I can finally upload.