Pindol Theme

I need some help. I have a site with over 70 pages, countless hours. I want to make sure the theme has been updated but very weary on installing Pindol over the old files. I may already be auto updating IDK. I was hoping to get some help from someone.

Thanks in advance.

If you’re looking for a paid support to update your theme without any problem, you can drop me an email and we can discuss the details


Do you have any knowledge of BeTheme or BeOnePage. I currently bought the theme, love it but had a couple minor adjustments I need help with.

Far as Pindol I’m just wanting to make sure the site is backed up and updated. What would you charge me to take a look at that.

Also thinking about it, I do have a couple Web Design pages that don’t look like web design. Maybe we can talk about you making them look awesome.


Hi Justin,

I have some experience before, modified it few times for few customers.

For Pindol, could you please send me an email? I could send my offer then.
We can also discuss your web design issue as well once you get in touch with me.



You asked if I could send you my email. This is it

Mail sent!

Not sure if I ever received an email from you. If so and I blew you off my apologies.

I am in need of help redesigning a couple of the Pindol Inner Pages I put together. I am looking for someone who knows pindol well enough to make the pages brilliant. I am not looking for a handout and fine paying for services. Can someone please tell me where to find a pindol professional.