Theme Providers Leaving with No Support

Im really looking for help…

I purchases a theme only 6 months ago from author Burivada, the theme Simplissimo. I customized it for my father’s website Two days ago he asked me to create a new add for a car he’s selling and it just hangs on the publish button. I tried many different adjustments to the website and nothing could be completed, yet the website works just fine from the other end.

I went to the product support page and sure enough the theme author is gone and is no longer offering the theme. Emailed the last known address with no response yet. I’ve spoken with my host, and searched many forums for answers, but not sure what to do now. I’m wondering if theres anyway to fix the site to make posts and edit, or if ill have to find a new theme and customize it again. Its just Im full time in school and customized the theme all summer so that would be extremely though. Not to mentioned being asked daily about the status by my father for the loss of business of not being able to make new car ads.

Any help or advice would be appreciate. If anyone wants to take on the challenge let me know how much something like this would be, even just replicating the theme with a new one… Thanks so much!

If you need paid help, then contact me here: [@]

regarding for product support that’s not much guarantee you will have always.


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