PHP update to 8.1 from 7.4 issues

Hi, I used the WordPress template Unicorn to build my business website. Looked fantastic! The host (Dreamhost) no longer supports php7.4, so they forced the php upgrade to php8.0. My site no longer works, Dreamhost told me the template is not php8.0 compliant, and I was told it’s a WordPress core issue. Dreamhost switched the theme to a basic WordPress theme, it looks shocking! Is there anyone out there who’s experienced the same problem? If so, what’s the best fix? Many thanks for your help & support

Check for theme updates. Make sure you’re using the latest theme version. You could also contact the theme author and ask if the theme is compatible with PHP 8 or if he can update it to be compatible with PHP 8.

What is the file link? Don’t see any theme under that name on themeforest

@redfacemarketing do you have CPanel access?

If so, there could be a way around this. Its called changing your PHP Handlers on the htacess file.

This link explains more:

Hi, thanks for your response. I tried the link you kindly sent, sadly the site seems to have an issue and I can’t read the tutorial.

Hi, I actually re-purchased the Unicorn template, to ensure I was using the latest version. Upon loading, this gave me a “Critical error message” So I know I’m using the most up-to-date template. I’m also using the most up-to-date version of WordPress