Cannot get support from IMAGINEM

I have been trying to get a very simple question answered by IMAGINEM regarding their theme PHOTOREACTIVE, which I purchased twice and they are NOT replying to my posts in the forum or responding to my emails.

I need to know if I can update to PHP 7.4 without any problem to the theme, as wordpress is pressing me to do that.

Can I file a complaint about this company? What can be done?

They may be busy or not providing support for a while ( vacation ) but this is not good enough reason to request refund.

If you’re using any 7+PHP version, you can upgrade the PHP 7.4+ ( Even 8.1+ )
It should work fine. In case of any issue, you can change the PHP back to original version.

Thank you. Im not concerned about money or a refund. I just want my questions answered.

I am currently using 7.3.2 but it seems they want me to update to 7.4.
Looks like I should be fine.

You can ask your query directly to the Item author by posting comments going through the Item Comments page. Hope Author will answer your Comment.

I think so. All version of PHP 7 should work fine but PHP 8 may cause issue(s). You can get better answer from the Author through Comments page.


He’s unable to get the answer from the author.

Change it to the PHP 7.4. It should be fine.


The theme was last updated on 26 February 2021 - and only goes up wordpress version 5.7.

If an author does not then maintain a theme for one reason or another, then you cannot file a complaint just because they fail to keep it up to date to match PHP versions and wordpress releases.

In any case what you should do is always make a backup, before you try to change anything on the server. PHP 7.4 is old now, and some servers are moving forward all the time. One way or the other, it might be that when you make the changes, it could in theory break your website, but again this is not down to the author.

Most likely the author has abandoned the theme…