my Server update vom PHP Version 5.6 to 7.2

I hope my question is in the right place…

Currently, a website is affected that it does not run on PHP Verison 7.2. I think this is due to the theme “Pure Photo”.
My question: Where can I see in the Wordpress themes here in the shop if they work under the PHP 7.2?

Greetings Norbert

Hello @skyjumper

Theme author should update his theme for latest php versions.

If it is not working you can contact to theme author for help from item support tab

Thanks :slight_smile:

@anon76595093 I have the same problem with an other theme (Nano). Where I host the website, they will take the website down if it’s not working on the 1th of November.

I saw ealier comments of people asking for an update. But what if the author doesn’t update? Is it just bad luck and I need to build a new website? Or does the author need to update?

Best regards, Karen


You can contact author for update his theme if it is not working in latest versions.

If they not support you can ask for refund

Thanks :slight_smile: