PHP Script is hard rejected

Hi Guys,

I got hard rejection in an item today. Can you please help me understanding why I am getting hard rejection?

Front End:

Admin Panel:

Password: 1234

Thank you in advance.

Hey @servixo,

This is a very thorough app with some great features. What I will say is that I think your UX needs some major improvement. Are you using a template made by someone else? It’s fine if you are, but it’s also showing its limitations.

Right now it looks more like a template at first glance than a working tour/booking system. The site was a bit hard to navigate, and it was a journey to find pricing info or a way to book. Actually, I wasn’t even sure if it was possible to book a trip until I found that page and clicked that specific tab. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Adding buttons around the site like “find a destination” or “book now” would be nice.
  • Some elements look and act like a gallery, which is confusing. Somehow you need to make it more clear that you should click them to view more info. See:
  • Search bars would be nice on the home/destinations pages.
  • For your live demo, have the button in the first slider say “Browse destinations” or something similar with a working link.

These are just some examples. I’d say you could definitely put more time/effort into reworking the interface so it will be easier to understand, navigate, and use; after that, give it another upload.

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Are you using procedural php? I think it’s one of the reasons.

Thank you @baileyherbert for the helpful reply. We also thank you to @Linkgate for the suggestion. We will again review it and try to convert it into framework and then resubmit.

Hi @baileyherbert, one more thing. Do you think I need to make the design simple so that the reviewer thinks it as a script and not a template? Thank you for your time.

@baileyherbert. Just for your attention. :slight_smile: