PHP Fundamentals - Template.php and Assets folder not found

Hi, I am doing the PHP fundamentals course and the Templates.php file is not located in HTDOCS - Also I do not see the Assets folder in HTDocs. I need these to follow step-by-step in “2.5 Loops” Is there a place I can download these or does someone have the set they will share for the course ?

Hi Friend. The teacher’s (Jason Lewis) has a link to his GitHub account. From there, it appears a worthwhile link to investigate is . For the web templates, try searching under sub-folders resources/views. Hope this works for you. I found some files I could use. - Ryan


Hi - Thanks for the reply. The teacher for this one was Jeremy McPeak… I see files on Github via Jason Lewis, but they are not the ones I need. They are .js files. I need css and php files. One’s called


Any suggestions where I can look for these files? Looked at Jeremy McPeaks profile and he may be taking time off from tuts+ at the moment…

Oh wait - silly me. I just clicked the Github link on tuts+ and now see where I can download everything I need. Yay !! I had been following along just opening Mamp and VS Code. I’m good to go now. Love learning coding btw… :slight_smile:

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Found all the files for the course here: