CodeIgniter Essentials Feedback

Just some feedback for tuts+ in general, and perhaps only my experience with the trial and taking the CodeIgniter Essentials course, you need to pay more attention to providing the customer with a better screen experience. The author does a reasonably decent job of explaining, but it’s too fast and at times bursts of code lines plop down and then go away so fast that you can’t even perceive it without stopping the video and trying to back it up to a particular point to catch it.

Secondly, I am familiar with several online training tutorials, most especially, and I would perhaps have a look at how they present these things. Very deliberate and they offer code libraries so that after a lesson you can take a look at the code and compare it to the video content as much as you want.

If the other courses are like this one, I won’t be subscribing. I do remember Jeffrey Way’s CodeIgniter from Scratch Series and that was a very good one. He was very deliberate and he also provided the code libraries, too. Of course that’s quite obsolete. too. The current CodeIgniter Essentials set is also pretty dated and is in need of update.

Thanks for the feedback @kkathman. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with the CodeIgniter Essentials course. I agree strongly about the points that you mentioned:

  • clear instruction of code
  • reasonable pacing that lets students follow along
  • comprehensive sample code that allows work to be checked

We’ve been working hard to make sure that our courses meet this standard. I see that the CodeIgniter Essentials course is fairly old. I’ll add it to my audit queue and make a decision whether it should be updated or flagged to warn potential students.

Hi @kkathman, just another quick thought: we don’t really have anything up-to-date for CodeIgniter, but we have some really great new content on Laravel 5. (We’ve been more focused on that framework lately.) Would you be interested in checking one of those out?

For example:

I’d be really interested to hear your feedback on the instruction style of any of our courses. Thanks again!