Help Required: Build CMS in Laravel

Hello, I recently signed up to the tutsplus website to work through the course

I seem to have noticed that this tutorial was written with Laravel 5.1 - is there any chance there could be an updated version made?

I have worked through a few issues, but seem to be stuck on chapter 3.2.

Anyway there is someone that I can reach out to? Or possibly someone on these forms?

Hi @artemartemov,

What kind of trouble are you having with chapter 3.2? Did you manage to sort it out? Maybe the instructor, @jasonclewis can help you get unstuck.

Hi @artemartemov,

Let us know what you’re specifically stuck on and we’ll try and get it sorted out for you. For the most part things should be much the same as Laravel 5s overall architechture is similar throughout it’s versions, however there will be some feature differences and minor changes to some functionality as Laravel grows and evolves.

laravel 5.4 has a diffrent file structure, this tutorial should be updated…

Error I’m getting at 3.2 ** does not log out **

RedirectIfAuthenticated.php looks different form the one you have

I installed “laravelcollective/html”: “^5.2” because I was getting an error
Class ‘Illuminate\Html\HtmlServiceProvider::class’ not found

also your code is cut off and very hard to follow.

Hi @artemartemov, if you still need some help or reference I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. I’ve been following the same tutorial using version 5.4 and am currently on lesson 3.10. There have been some changes I have had to make like using laravel-nestedset instead of Baum, and also to how some of the code and views are structured. Baum doesn’t seem to be compatible with 5.4 and it hasn’t been updated in a couple years. I’ve noticed some functionality in 5.1 has been deprecated in 5.4, or the function names changed.

I’m struggling with the reset password email in 3.3, I get InvalidArgumentException No hint path defined for [notifications] on the POST to /password/email.

If I comment out the stuff in AppServiceProvider.php that was added earlier on in the tutorial then it works and the email gets sent

I’m using Laravel 5.4 which doesn’t which has quite a different setup to 5.1 so it’s not possible to follow the tutorial exactly.

Found this workaround here: