Enhance Your Laravel App With Vue.js

Does anyone know which Laravel app on the “Enhance Your Laravel App With Vue.js” course is used so I can code along with the videos? It seems the example being used is called “LaraCMS” which apparently has discontinued. So I’m either looking at the wrong demo app, or I’m concerned that I’ll encounter problems with a discontinued example app. Many thanks, Leanne

Hi @leannephillipz,

The example project is included in the course GitHub repo. (You can find this via the View on GitHub button from the course page.)

LaraCMS is an example project that the course instructor, @jwmcpeak created for another course, Build a CMS With Laravel, so you can follow along there if you want to see how the CMS is built!

Thanks for watching, @leannephillipz. I don’t have anything else to add to Adam’s reply, but I just wanted to drop in and say thanks.

Thank you @adamarthurryan & @jwmcpeak Ok that makes more sense now, I’ll check out the “build a cms with laravel” as that might help me to understand when moving onto vue. Cheers!