Build a CMS With Laravel

I just started lesson 5.2 and it starts off my talking about the previous lesson and how they created all o the supporting files for the current lesson yet that is not the previous lesson

5.1 has nothing to do w/ the content of 5.2.

Do you have any thoughts on this @jwmcpeak?

it actually just looks like lesson 8.1 and 5.1 should be swapped

I need to see what’s on the site, but according to my video files, the stuff 5.2 refers to is done in 5.1.

Thanks @matthewhcohen, we’ll look into it and make sure while we’re at it that the right versions of all the videos got uploaded. Probably those two videos just got mixed up some how. Appreciate it.

Yep. My apologies, @matthewcohen. 5.1 and 8.1 are indeed swapped.

Okay, thanks @jwmcpeak, @matthewhcohen, we’ll swap those lessons around.