PHP Fundamentals


I am working in the PHP Fundamentals course and I’m having issues with the section ‘mid term project’.

I have moved my mailing_list.php to inside the sandbox so not just anyone can access it, but when I register a user, it doesn’t write to this file, it will open another file and put it in the ‘simple email registration’ file. That’s not where it is supposed to go.

This project has a lot of code, but I don’t see this particular section of code in the Github repository for PHP Fundamentals so I can check my code against his to see where I went wrong.

I’m not sure how to show all my code to receive help here. Can someone help point me in the right direction so I can get help with this project?


Same problems on my end. Will be watching this thread closely.


It does seem that the source code for that project is missing from the GitHub repository. One thing you could do is create a GitHub repository for your own implementation and post it here, then the other forum users can take a look and see maybe what went wrong.


I am myself doing this course currently, if I experience the same trouble and find a solution I will respond here.


How can we help if you don’t post your code ?


Ahh woops (should really have proof read what I said) meant if someone’s still having problems. To merely help out others if they’re still having problems.