Photoshop vs Sketch ?

Hey guys,
I’m big fan of Fireworks.
Well Adobe killed Fireworks as you know :smile:
Moved to Photoshop and using it like 2-3 months. I like it but more detailed according to Fireworks. But i like Photoshop.

As you know there is a new alternative graphic editor for designers. Named Sketch by bohemian coding.
It is only for mac users.

The point is…
Designers near me talking about move to Sketch. They said more vectorable and easy to aganist Photoshop.

What is your suggestions guys? Do you used (using) sketch ?

I’ve seen a friend of mine use sketch. Mind blowing how cool it is. I don’t have a mac though.

Sketch is awesome (it has minor bugs too, but it’s bearable), in a statistic / survey of 2014 where like 5000 people participated, Sketch was the most used for design and mockup. it’s perfect for websites, it doesn’t matter how many screens you’re designing, you can have it all in one file… responsive web sizes are already there as templates to open and start on… there’s even plugins to make it better, or code plugins yourself (codecanyon users wink)

the standard photoshop is so out-of-date and unusuable for me that it’s a joke… this simplified version right here is somewhat usable, but still buggy and lags really bad compared to sketch… but still better than the usual photoshop

I know I might get some hate from the majority here, but why in the world would you use a photoeditor as a tool for the web?
why not keep it simple, click and drag is the most basic behavior for a web tool… but photoshop can’t do that (the new PS Design Space can by double-clinking, but still)