Is There anyone using Sketch 3?

Hey guys,
I want to move photoshop to sketch.
I do design end frontend jobs.
Anyone using sketch 3 or used before?
What do you think about it aganist photoshop?

Thanks :smile:

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Also I think to make this move.
Someone did it move?

I compared Graphic ( formally idraw ), sketch and affinity designer for switching from photoshop. All three are totally capable for flat style web design.

Sketch is pretty popular but it was my least favorite out of the trials. I liked affinity and idraw equally. Affinities interface is really good. But idraw has export to CSS and a symbols library. I would spend time in each before forking out the dough.

I really wish Sketch would become available for PC, why not?

it is based on mac app core.

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Is there any similar software for PC to design for iOS and Android?

@digitalscience - Photoshop … :joy:

Hahaha :smile: so I assume you are all mac users

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Well you can use fireworks. it is vector based like sketch but adobe dosent support it anymore.
Best option is photoshop for windows users right now.
Well when i use photoshop for design, its feel like using a plane. Sketch is kind of like doing same job and feels riding motorcycle.

But planes are faster than motorcycles, although motorcycles are more dangerous… what you trying to say? :smile: You mean Sketch is more fun / rebellious ?

Motorcycle ? Plane? Ugghh…I seem to be lost here. Please explain guys! Also, I liked Webflow for designing. Have you guys tried it?

Webflow looks good actually, does it work with PC?

It works directly on Chrome. It is a web based tool.

i didnt meant about speed.
basicly photoshop is like plane cockpit, so many button there.

basicly you want to travel = design.
go in cockpit. sit, say hi to your co-pilot. you want to take off.
1- ask to the tower
2- the tower is accept you
3- go to pit where u take off
4- get back for speed up
5- speed up
6- gratz you are flying

on sketch;
1- get on motorcycle.
2- put your key
3- done.

hope you understand what i mean:)

i has try, Sketch is powerfull enough for frontend jobs. i will use that, when i have a mac :confused: offcourse.
right now i’m using inkscape (vector based also open source) for designing site mockup, crazy right? belive it or not i’m happy using it :slight_smile: and get the job done.

I bought and downlad sketch and make some test on it.
And it’s absolutely amazing :grinning:

i recommend for anyone who doing ui things and got mac.
just download and give it a try 30 days free trial.

i did a freebie and share on dribbble.
It was fun to work on it.

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Congratulations ! You have some good tutorials? Put link here … (youtube tutorials, articles … )

you can find here

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Today I bought Sketch 3. I recommend it!
Very easy, very pleasant experience .

Sketch is an amazing app. I started using it as my primary design tool a few months ago. No regrets.

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