Affinity Designer

Hey guys,
Anyone using Affinity Designer for UI design? I just got it, and I’ve gotta say I love it. I really dislike Photoshop, I could never stand it, and I was always a Fireworks user, but it’s 2018 now, so I had to switch to something else :smiley: So how many authors use Affinity as a main tool?

I am usinging and I have removed photoshop, illustrator and everything else and never turned up.
The only hard thing ( which might be hard for me as not looked into it yet ) was the option to make backgrounds transparent. Anything else is huge success.

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Affinity Designer I’m using this program

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Could Affinity Designer soon replace Sketch?

@creativeGagency I think there’s an option to make the background transparent, I remember seeing it somewhere. You could ask on the Affinity forum, I usually receive answers for my questions in less than 30 minutes after posting.

@AlekseyZhdanov A lot of people say yes, however, I don’t use Affinity Photo, I use Affinity Designer, which is the replacement for Illustrator. And I absolutely love it, and the community is simply amazing. As far as Sketch, I’ve never used it, since it’s available only for Mac.

Personally I feel the need to advocate against Photoshop, which has the most ridiculous workflow, and makes the creative process a lot slower. I feel like scratching my head with my foot. Affinity is an app that I learned in a bit over one hour, and I became fully comfortable with it in two days. It’s extremely intuitive and everything makes perfect sense in the user experience and ui design.