photomotion x activation liscense issues

Hello everyone, I am new here, I bought this item off ebay and have not been able to activate the liscense. The video to activate seems to skip a step but also says that videohive and integnity are not connected. Yet there is no explanation on how to work around it. So how am I going to activate the program now? I’ve looked in the help sections of Envato but have not been able to find a way to contact someone about this.

That item is by an exclusive author, which means it’s only available to purchase on Videohive. Whoever sold it on Ebay did not have the right to do so, and as such, unfortunately you don’t have a valid license for the product… so won’t be able to activate it. I’d recommend attempting to get a refund through Ebay and using the funds to purchase the item here.

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