Performing Rights Organizations

Dear friend please can somebody help me which options is good to choose for me ?

I really dont know which one is good for me. I am only music producer and I want sales my new tracks on Audiojungle and I dont have released tracks on CD, or audiocassete.

I really dont understand it :frowning:

No P.R.O. affiliation or I have a P.R.O. affiliation.

Can somebody explain it to me much better ? :frowning:
thank you

Dear Luke,

a PRO is a Performing Right Organisation, usually a national body which collects royalties on public and mechanical music performances. I might be wrong but in your country there’s a PRO called SOZA. As far as i know, each nation has at least one PRO. Those bodies collaborate with each other so if your music is registered with SOZA and played in the UK, the royalties are going to be collected from the local authority (PRS_formusic_ in this case) and remitted to SOZA (then to your bank account) in a second time.

You can either register to SOZA or to a different society from another country, in case this should be any better to you. However you may only register with one PRO, most people is registered with their local one for obvious reasons.

That being said: if you are not in the process of affiliating with SOZA (or the like), if you are not affiliated, or if you ARE affiliated but still don’t want to register to them your AudioJungle releases (e.g. you only register to SOZA different music that you might be playing live with your local band/ensemble/whatever)…well in these 3 cases you simply choose non-PRO affiliation and save.

Please be clear that my comment is not meant as legal advice, i warmly recommend you to have a chat with a trusted lawyer/solicitor on topic so you can make a sound decision (as i did).

Hoping this has helped you moving forward.

Best Regards


Hi everyone,i came from Italy and i was wondering if i can select “Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits” in the tax information.
Is there a sort of treaty between United state and Italy,so that there is no withholding in my earning?
thanks very much!!

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