Paypal not supported for some authors in the new payment system

Received an email to update my payment method for the new system, which is being rolled out to the envato market. Upon visiting the URL: Sign In | Envato Account I was met by a message that paypal is not supported in my country (egypt). I have been using paypal to receive payments from envato since 2016! And can confirm full support for Egypt. I’ve had zero issues using Paypal in the past. I thought the new payment system was to increase payment options, not disable all functions.


We are also surprised that there is no official topic on the forum on this matter yet. I will refer to bank transfer. I wonder why we can’t choose USD account? Why is the bill imposed in the currency of the country we are from or Euro (in our case) while we earn in US dollars? It’s ridiculous.

@BenLeong, where can we ask for details?


But it is supported in Egypt!

Hi everyone!
The form need add the “Bank City”, Should I add the city of the Bank Branch create account or city of the bank’s head office?
Thank you for help!

I think this topic deserves a bump and it would be nice if someone competent from Envato could take part in the discussion.


I think in a day or two someone will merge my post into a new thread, then proceed to tell us that this is the new and improved way and we should just accept it.

I doubt that the authors would easily agree to a commission of 1.9% for currency conversion. It’s a huge amount. I hope that the discussion on this topic will develop further.


Yes the same problem in algeria ,also i can’t use bank transfer in my country for some reasons and no payoneer too.

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We sell our products in US Dollars and we would like to receive our payouts in the same exact amount, in US Dollar currency, through standard bank transfers as usual. It is unacceptable to force authors to exchange their sales into a different local currency, especially with a huge predefined 1.9% exchange fee. Envato should reconsider this change and either revert it or enable the option to send bank transfers in US Dollars for all authors.


I couldn’t agree more. We earn in US dollars and are forced to convert now? Is this a positive change? The amount of the commission is huge and practically in our case it is the equivalent of selling a dozen or so items.

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Which was posted online about 2 days ago. I just logged in myself, and for myself personally there are 3 options for payout methods.

According to their summary:
Summary: This article outlines the new payout system we’re rolling out from July 2023. We’re rolling this system out in batches, so please do not set up an account in the new system until you receive an email from us instructing you to do so. All Authors will eventually be moved onto our new system.

So I am guessing it is a work in progress - not that this may help your questions at this stage :wink:

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Thank you but this guide does not address the issues raised in this thread. Paypal payments are disabled for some authors based on their locale, and there is still no way to receive USD payments to your bank, unless you use Payoneer or Wise (according to the guide).

We have received such an email, I believe we are not the only ones. Hence our concerns about the payment in July and how to configure payments for the next month. Plus, it’s the holiday season, which doesn’t make things any easier :expressionless:

Hi all. There are a couple of separate issues in this thread: PayPal availability in some countries, and currency options. I’ll try to get information about each of these separately.

Our payment provider has a list of the payment methods that are supported for each country. Egyptian addresses currently have the Bank Transfer methods available, but not PayPal. That requirement comes directly from PayPal - I’ll try to find out more about why this is the case. Same goes for Algeria.

@QuanticaLabs & @PixFort - which countries are you located in? I’ll check with the Author Payments team to see what USD options exist for those locations.

I think it’s worth noting that the total amount of each author’s payouts will have a big impact on which payout options are the most efficient for them. For example, someone earning $5k a month might prefer a $25 SWIFT fee, but that would be unacceptably high for authors earning $100 per month.


@BenLeong We are based in Poland, and our bank is located here. While we have a USD account and prefer receiving payments in that currency, currently, our options are limited to PLN and EURO. We aim to avoid currency conversion costs. Whether the option to receive payments in USD also be available in the form? But not via Payoner, a classic SWIFT transfer like as it is now.

We would appreciate if you could detail the fees mentioned in the support article. Specifically, if a 1.9% commission will be charged on the balance at the end of the month before sending the payment. Additionally, we would like to understand the exchange rates being referred to. It would be helpful to have an estimate of the fees involved for a specific amount, let’s say $5K. While a flat rate of $25 is acceptable, a percentage commission could amount to a significant sum. Thank you!


No it doesn’t. PayPal supports both countries, so what you’re saying makes no sense. I have an issue being artificially excluded because I’m “third world”.
Please try solving our pressing problems instead of formulating arguments why worse is better.

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Hello @BenLeong,

We are located in France, and our bank is in France as well, and we would like to receive the payouts as usual in US Dollars via a classic SWIFT bank transfer.

Please note that not being able to receive our payouts without conversion, as before, has a big impact on our earnings, and a 1.9% conversion rate imposes a huge additional fee, potentially amounting to thousands of dollars per year, for an undesired and unjustified new conversion option that we did not request. We kindly request re-enabling the standard US Dollars payouts via a classic SWIFT bank transfer, as it has always been available on Envato Market before.

We appreciate your help,


Hey Ben,
Luca here from Italy. Please note this forced currency fact could be a HUGE loss for some of us (me included). It’s true, now we can have a very low bank fee, however it’s all about currency exchange rates.

Personally I have a multi-currency bank account to get Envato Payments (and I really think I’m not the only one here). This allows me to “skip” low exchange rate periods and avoid losses.

Let’s make a quick example with real-world data:

  • 10 July 2023 >>> 1,00 $ == 0.897 €
  • two months ago it was 0.905 €
  • one month ago it was 0.93 €
  • in January 1,00 €

Supposing to get a SWIFT today from Envato of 5000$ I will receive 4450€ (less bank fees)
While keeping the USD and waiting for a better period (let’s suppose 0.95€ exchange) I would get 4750€

It’s a loss of 300€ per month!!!
Please give us the option to choose which currency to get.

As one of the most successful authors in Codecanyon’s history, this could be the final drop to make me leave the Envato Exclusivity. As is now, I’m gonna easily lose approx. 3000€ per year!