Payout Detail Doesnt Appear

Anyone has same problem like us? We can see the payout detail
Or there is a mistake with the envato system

You have been moved to the new payment system at Envato.

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Hi @deverust, click on ‘Update payout method’ button.


Owwwh I didnt aware to text button there, thank you

Hi, I clicked the button and it brings me to the dashboard where I set payout method for element some times ago. I didn’t find any instruction after that

So what must I do ?

It is sensitive settings for your payout. so, better to go with author support.

You may need to get your account verified as “Author” first. The rest of the details should be available after. Currently, I assume you’re still “buyer” not “author”

Hi @deverust. It looks like you began receiving Elements payments through the new system in May, and will begin to also receive your Market payments through that system in August.

The new system has a single place to set your payout information: in your case, it’s already set up from when your Elements payments moved across. If those details are correct, you won’t need to make any further changes to receive your August Market earnings via that payout method.


@deverust Have you received payment for this month?


Yes I have received it