Payoneer card issue.

Hello. @Melisa_Payoneer . I was trying to order a payoneer card 3 times since last year without succes. I received the confirmation that the card was sent but never arrived. The receiver adress is correct so is the name and the account. Today i have ordered it again. Can you please check what is going on? Thank you in advance.
Customer ID is 32922831.

You should write to Payoneer support chat not here, and also I strongly recommend to order the card via DHL if possible

@MusicDog . Already did. Under no cirumstance i will not pay additional 40$ for express delivery. I wouldn’t write here if the Payoneer support would solve that.

I understand but it’s the most assured way to get the card! Anyway good luck

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@MusicDog . Thank you.

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