Payoneer account setup in the new payment system

How where find SWIFT/BIC code in Payoneer account?

When i try setup Payoneer account. So, there available option & require SWIFT/BIC code. but, I can not find SWIFT/BIC details in Payoneer account.

have not mention SWIFT/BIC code related any information here-

anyone know for that?

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I think it’s a problem of the Envato new payment system.
When you are not located in USA, Canada or Australia you can’t find fields for fill in for normal US accounts (like Routing Number and Account Number). SWIFT and BIC you need only for outside US payments. Try to change Bank Account Country to your local country. I don’t think anything will change. All fields that were on your page will remain. Although the settings for sending money locally to an American account are different from sending it to an international bank.

I think the problem is that the system shows the fields for filling in the local bank, and when switching to a bank in the USA, the fields remain as for the local bank, and not for the American one.

I have absolutely same problem, but with other fields due another country location from you.
My problem is described in detail here. I asked support, but still (4 days) have not received an answer.

Hello HarnishDesign,

This has now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a nice weekend!

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@parenz Thank you so much! All is working now!!!
But one more thing.
When we change Bank Account from local to US estimated fees didn’t change from 25$ for Swift to 1$ for US payment. I asked about it Support team and they said “There is a known bug where this is not reflecting correctly when you change the bank account country. It should not charge you $25.00. The bank transfer fee (US to US) should be $1”
Do you plan to fix it?

Thank You. It is working fine now. and, I have updated new payment system.

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Yes, the bank transfer fee (US to US) is $1. There is a known bug where this is not reflecting correctly when you change the bank account country. It is a visual bug only and should not charge you $25.00. So far it never has, but please contact us if it does.


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Thank you so much! Thank you for your work!