SWIFT transfer for Russian people

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Trying to set new Payout account using SWIFT because PayPal and Payoneer don’t work with Russia today. But I have some problems with filling out the form. Can’t fill in name of the City where I live (there are red fields as you can see). They want me my City to be less than 15 letters? Strange. The second question is where to find example of filled-in form?


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Обратись за помощью непосредственно в swift. Или как вариант оставь название Петербург или С.Петербург

Yes, a hint is needed in filling out such a large number of fields. I have previously made Swift transfers in other companies, but there were 9 clear lines.

Hello! I didn’t receive any email about information regarding SWIFT, PayPal and Payoneer from Author Support team.

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If you have any trouble to get payout you can post in the topic I have mentioned above (2nd post in this topic). Thanks