Payments with Payoneer

I have sent a request to Payoneer to know why i still cannot pay with it although all my bank informations are right and now approved by them…
You know, i’ve never received payments by customers on my account, this is the first i have to pay a provider.
My question is: i don’t know how to free money from my french bank account to my payoneer account to pay you after.
Do you know how to? Maybe @Melisa_Payoneer ?

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Yes, maybe @Melisa_Payoneer can solve your problem.
I am sure.

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Hi @foune05 ,

I’ve sent you a private message to be able to assist.


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Hello Melisa, can i ask you a question? I have applied for verification in payoneer but until now my payoneer account is still under review i thought it will review in 3 business day but it was 1 week for now but nothing happens, and my payment from hago is until now i didnt receive yet so i think my payment is connected with my payoneer that under review.

I sent $200 to my bank account, 173 arrived.My bank didn`t take comission.Payoneer killing us…

I have tried very many times to withdraw my earnings but it keeps telling me this please what could be wrong please
Unfortunately, your recent attempt to withdraw funds from your Payoneer account to your bank account was not successful, because the bank details that you entered are invalid. These funds have been returned to your Payoneer account.

@Melisa_Payoneer @Payoneer please help me out. My account is blocked and I don’t know my offense

It’s been more than a month since I received my last pay from Rose Legal Services LLC and 2 of my biweekly payments have been in pending and cancelled status. I already submitted the details you needed from me but it’s still under review since January 27, 2022. Please take action on this matter as soon as possible.

My customer ID is 47443561 and I’m based from Philippines.

Thank you