Payment using Debit card

Hi, I want to buy two templates from Themeforest but Envato studio does not support debit cards. Mine is an Indian debit card with Visa. Is there any other way or any other place where I could buy Themeforest themes.
Oh and I can’t use paypal too because paypal option asks for credit card details. And Shrill takes around 7 days to get verified.

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Ask your friends credit card. Thats the only way.

Paypal accepts credit and debit cards, but they only say “credit”. Give it a try.

I need to buy SEOWP theme. But, i have no credit card. Can I use any other website to purchase SEOWP theme.

You need a bank account, credit card, or debit card. PayPal supports all 3 of these (of course you might have restrictions in your country).

i have a 4u card so can i buy theme in themeforest

Not sure. Why not give it a try? :slight_smile: