Payment hasn't arrived. Opened a ticket 9 days ago and still no response from Envato

Hi guys,

My commission Payment hasn’t arrived. I waited for over 2 weeks now and opened a ticket #3187285 9 days ago and still no response from Envato.

What should I do in order to get some response for the issue from Envato.

Please help.

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Hi @ThemeGoods,

Have you checked this:

Hope you will get reply of your open ticket soon. In the mean time you can resend a message through your open ticket to notify them that you are waiting.


Hi ThemeGoods.

It looks like this is an Affiliate (Impact Radius) payment, and not related to the new Elements Author payment system linked above?

I’ve just seen your existing support ticket, and have notified our Affiliates team - they should be able to respond directly via that ticket. Sorry about the delays so far!

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They will respond, wait a bit please.

The issue was solved now. Thank you very much everyone.