Pay for only one tutorial


I love Blender and to create Cartoons and animate characters, but the tutorials on YouTube and Envato pdf tutorial for free have not make me satesfied with the Walk Cycle Movements. Therefore I am interested to buy one tutorial from Envato (If that help me)

If I pay, I dont want to got stuck and confused on the line. My problem ar all this between motions. My character dont walk like a real human. I have no use of paying big money for only one months work with Blender every year.

try to film yourself, then play it step by step to understand how is working

When you move there are different parts of the body that are moving as well not just the foot…

Yes I know that. You dont walk with the feet and legs only. You need to involve hip and shoulder to.

My latest try walk like this. Bad.

This info can be of great help! Luck