Need someone for creating 2d explainer videos

looking for someone to create 2d explainer video with after effects, go animate or powtoons. i can pay $15/per video and the duration is gonna be 4 - 5 mins each video. let me know if you guys are interested. this is an example video from my youtube channel:

you must be a seller on videohive and also send me some examples of your work. i need 8 to 10 videos a month

Email me:

It’s highly unlikely anybody is going to be willing to do that amount of work for $15, especially if somebody is already selling content on VideoHive. I mean, why make a 4 to 5 minute video for $15, when you can make an item for VideoHive that will get you $15 every time it sells… which could be tens, hundreds or thousands of times.

Would you be willing to do that amount of work for $15?


i know what u are talking about. but the sales on envato is not guaranteed. you do your effort to make a product for videohive and if it doesn’t sells. where is your profit? i know it could sell for 100 or 1000 times. but its all probability. you are expecting that product to sell better. for my project. i will give you $15 for each video which is guaranteed. if you make 9 - 10 videos a month. you make $150 every single month. i’m also an author on themeforest. i know how envato works. sometimes your product works and sometime it doesn’t

So you want to pay 150$ for 40-50 minutes of video graphics. Sorry, but this is ridiculous. If you change the price from 15$ to 150$ / per 1 video, maybe you can find someone who can do it for you. But for 15$ no one will do it. Even a newbie from a very poor country. I think you underestimate the labor of motion designers. You said «but the sales on envato is not guaranteed». Even the worst projects have at least a few sales on Videohive. And that’s more than 15$.
Understand me right, but this is a big work. Animation and cutting of all pictures. It costs more than 15$ for 4-5 minutes of video graphics. I will be sincerely surprised if you find a person who agrees to work with you for such money

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