After Effects author needed

After Effects author needed. My last request went no where, only 1 reply. I need an After Effects author. Does anyone do After Effects work? JK. Am I posting in the wrong place? Ok, All kidding aside. I will make it very simple.

I need someone who can create a 15 second marketing advertisement. Longer than a Vine and shorter than a TV commercial.

5 scenes
scene 1. Logo reveal
scene 2. Message
scene 3. Message
scene 4. Call to action message
scene 5. Close with logo reveal

I need audio tracks and sound effects applied and added where needed.

That’s the simple… if interested in more details, please let me know and I can go further with what plugins I have you may also be able to use.

Please and thanks,


So it sounds like you’re looking for someone to do videography work, rather than an after-effects author (someone who sells stock items on Envato) per-say.

You may get someone here who’s prepared to work with you. Putting on my “responsible staff member” hat for a moment though; if someone connects with you here and offers to do the job we (Envato) can’t offer any security over the deal as we’re removed from the loop.

The “safe” option would be to go into the Video Editing section of Envato Studio and find someone who can work with you to your budget. That way you’re dealing with Service Providers we’ve vetted and you’re protected should something not work out.

Hope that helps.

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It helps me understand more about Envato services. Thank you.

I will try a different web site.

Hi @DigiMess

I am available for freelance work. Feel free to contact me via my PROFILE PAGE.