Pay a professional studio or not? Please help

Can I do quality productions only with kontakt samples, nexus…etc?

I got 2 options, do everything in my house with kontakt (samples, synth…) or, record in a professional studio but paying money, what do you use to do?

Obviously first option is better to me but I don’t know if I can get quality stuff that way :frowning:

Thanks everyone

Making tracks of decent quality can only have an audio interface, inexpensive monitors and a set of tools / samples / libraries that you know well. Professional studios are good when they are really professional. By spending money on their services you will never learn to create a good product. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with paying the studios for recording their vocal on an expensive vintage microphone, which is not to be found in home studios)) Answering your initial question: “Yes, you can!”

Since you ask the question, I’m not sure YOU can make quality productions yet. But, with practice, absolutely.

You wouldn’t have asked the question if you knew how to mix, produce, etc., which means you would have to pay for all of that in a studio, not just rent the space.

That would be very, very expensive, and not likely worth it.

If you just pay for studio TIME, and do all the mixing/producing yourself, it might be worth it if you record a lot of real instruments (drums, vocals, etc.).

But again, if you had experience mixing, you wouldn’t have asked this question in the first place.

People can make superb music in their bedrooms. So just start practicing.


In the modern world of royalty free and production music YOU are the professional studio :slight_smile:
Even if you have only laptop and cheap speakers.
It’s all about the knoweldge and expirience actually.
Of course top instruments and studios can make difference,but it’s not always the case.
Make analogy with guitar players.
Steve Vai still will be Steve Vai and play awesome solos even if he would use Squier or cheap Ibanez from RG-series :slight_smile:


You can get top quality sound using Kontakt (or other) libraries. But to do this you need to have professional soundcard, monitors and first of all SKILLS :slight_smile:

Thanks you all guys, and yes, I got no skills, I’m studying right now, watching videos on YouTube and paying online teachers, I’m mixing every single day like 6h and also composing, resting time and trying again, so I’ve improved a lot but the quality still not enough.

I got a home studio, jbl 305 speakers, Scarlett soundcard, libraries and an acoustic treated room.

So, the only thing I need is more time to get the skills, patience, non stop and keep learning, right?

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You’re absolutely right! Keep it going and it will be OK)

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I basically have the the same speakers as you, an older interface and a poorly treated diy room (I’m in between flats at the moment…) and in my opinion I manage to create some decent tracks regardless.

For in the box recording with libraries and virtual guitar amps a home studio is more than fine, but I’d love to go to a pro studio to record acoustic guitars and vocals, since my room is quite small and obviously not the greatest sounding space in the world, but don’t feel like it’s worth the investment. It would also be great not to have takes ruined by traffic and noisy neighborhood dogs…

If you are just starting out, try studying your heroes (recording artists, mixers or songwriters). We have to have a mixed set of skills to make stock music, and you’d be amazed at how much you learn just by critically listening to records you already have at home. Not only on the production and mixing side, but also the musical arrangement side (what I’ve noticed over the years is the “better” you arrange something, the easier it is to mix). Also, you probably have your heroes on youtube doing masterclasses and sharing really great tips and industry secrets.

Keep at it and the skills will more than likely come with time. And also get into the habit of finishing tracks. That was something that took me way too long to learn…

Hope this helps, and best of luck with your music!

Yeah, I’m always in the middle between mixing and composing and I never finish a track,so I will do this, in the morning I will mix and then, in the afternoon, I will finish tracks.

So thanks again, I will keep going hoping this will work someday. I think this is a good way to earn some money if you are a musician tired of being in jobs that you really don’t care…I really love this and for sure I’m not the only one here.

Thanks you all!

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