Partner up on a project?

I’m looking for someone to partner up with on a project. Over the past 1.25 years I’ve dedicated a lot of time and money to developing a code editor like cloud9 IDE or nitrous. The only similarity my editor has to any of them is that it uses ACE editor for the code editor portion, just like cloud9. Otherwise, my application is almost completely custom developed from the ground up using CodeIgniter. I do nearly all the frontend UI work, and I’d like to partner with someone that knows the following very well: PHP, CodeIgniter, Expert in JavaScript, AWS, Docker, development to incorporate a terminal window, server configuration and management.

My application has a membership system custom developed using Braintree as the gateway. The application holds a heck of a lot of promise, and with perhaps 2 months of very dedicated development, the application will be ready to launch.

I’ve dedicated over 1.25 years on developing this, so I’d be willing to partner up by providing perhaps 20-25% ownership in the business. And since I’ve literally spent money, and not just time, if you want additional stake, you can pay for additional ownership, but this is not required. I’m willing to negotiate. And the only thing I’ve not done yet before launch from a business perspective is incorporating. I’ll be doing this about 30 days out from launch, and you would have your name put down as one of the co-founders/owners at such time.

If interested, please let me know. If you aren’t interested, no problem - I wish you the best with your own endeavors. I’m very serious about this project, and is not some idea I thought up last night. The application is now fully functional, and has a good handful of bugs to be worked out and then we can start looking forward to launch and possibly pulling in a profit.