Looking for Saas developer partner

We are looking for a Saas developer partner regarding rules as bellow…

  1. We offer 25/75 partnership 75% for you on Codecanyon
  2. We buy plugins & You need to modify ( we cover all other expenses )
  3. You will provide all “Support” for the buyers
  4. Item will hosted/uploaded in our profile
  5. Payment will make in every month after release the payment by Envato
  6. Payment method recommended Payoneer only
  7. We sell in other platforms and handle all the marketing for additional revenues and you will get 25%
  8. We also sell through our websites and you will get 25%
  9. Referral freelance work for you and you keep 100%
  10. You can sell in any other places and keep all the profits
  11. Good relation partnership

You can remarks or recommend on any subject for change or edit.

If you would like to work with us please contact us.