Pandora Journey and Epic Music World, do you know these channels?

Hello guys, lately I really push myself to be much better in producing longer tracks and to be published on popular channels like “Pandora Journey” and “Epic Music World” and give my music some more spotlight. Do you think it is worth as my additional portfolio? Here is my newest track, please tell me what do you think about it, do I have the chance on channels like these? Regards, Marcin Klosowski

I listened this track thousand times already in the last 3 days and I’m little tired of it, but I’m listening again and I found that percussion is probably bad, I really need your feedback guys. Or maybe I will leave it for 2-3 days and then listen, I’m little lost now.

Here is version with different percussion, especially snare in the main part, please compare these 2 versions, personally I think that the second is much better and interesting. Regards

I’ve updated this track here, sorry