(Epic World Cinematic) Feedback before Submitting.

Hello colleagues. I want to receive from your a portion of impressions from listening to my experimental track. I’m doing this for the first time. Help me bring to mind) Thank you.

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But overall, a beautiful track.


Exelent track. About the boom kick. In my opinion, he should not play the whole track. Closer to the dynamic part, the boom needs to be made quieter, because it intercepts all attention to itself. And this boom spoils the beauty of your track. This is just my opinion) Track really good) ! I wish good luck.) I hope that my opinion will be taken)

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wow! really nice work. I was close to dipping into nirvana =))))

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Thank for the boom. Can what else? I’m just starting)

Thank’s, I’m definitely take to attention…

No. If not “boom” the track took. In my opinion.

Very very thank you) My track was approved)