New Epic Track - Please feedback


I just sent to review my latest song, an epic full orchestrated track, you all know each time is harder and harder to get approved specially on this kind of songs… So I would really like your thoughts about my song, if you think it should pass AJ reviewers, etc… I really spent days and days orchestrating this with lots of effort, so I hope you like it…

Thanks for your time !

The orchestration sounds really good but the drums and percussion are not nearly as big or epic enough to support the arrangement. If you would like I would have a go at working on the drums to help this track out. The track sounds good to me.

Hey thanks for the feedback, it surprise me a bit you think the percussion is not epic enough… In my tests if the percussion go louder it will unbalance the rest of the orchestral arrangements and melody are less noticeable, the whole song lose clarity IMHO.

Do you think is a mixing / “not loud enough” issue ?

I think the drums need some sub bass elements to give the overall mix a rounded bottom end. My own personal preference.

I will give it a try, thanks again !

Great track.

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My track was approved :smile: