Help needed. Track feedback.



Hello, everybody!
Recently I posted 2 tracks to AJ, and both of them got rejected. Could you clarify why? Thank you!


I just listened to the first 4 seconds of the first track… and I already hear something not nice, a fake guitar glissando… I hate those… and that would be immediate rejection for me :slight_smile: (but that is just me!).

Also at 0:50 the kind of pan flute is really a strange sound in this context.

The track overall is not bad at all, but it feels a bit robotic and would need some better sounds I guess.
I don’t really help you I guess, but these two details would be enough for me to reject the track…

For the epic one, I cannot judge at all, I just know that some people here are trailer / epic / cinematic gods and that the quality standard is very high, competition is very agressive, and the genre is crowded…


Thank you for your feedback!
Will be working on =)