Paddings, margins, width, font-size etc. that are viewport related (vw, vh). Is it forbidden on Themeforest?

Hello, everyone. I am a relatively beginning developer and now I am making my second html template for Themeforest. Because my first was hard rejected.
Here’s my question.
The max screen support in my template is 1920 CSS pixels. Disign is pretty minimalistic and on this size it looks nice. I want to save about the same layout up to 1024 px. And it’s very very simple way to me to use vh and vw units for block widths, font-size, paddings (that is useful for responsive SVG), margins. And it is a little unusual to me at the same time. So, is it normal at all in the web design? Logically there is nothing wrong with it. But maybe I don’t know something?

It’s not forbidden

Thank you for your opinion!