Package: After Effects Project + Print Magazine/Newsletter

I’m looking for two items that could function as companion pieces - an after effects project and a magazine. The idea is that once the magazine (which would be an indesign template that would allow for a PDF) is populated with content, the video could “unpack” the content, so to speak. Or it could elaborate on what’s in the magazine. The video does not have to actually feature the magazine itself or its pages. It just has to have the same design motifs, colours etc. So that it’s clear that they are companion pieces. Any help appreciated.

Hi @ChefBoyardeeSnider

Did you already search the magazine after effects project files? there is a lot magazine template in after effects project files. If you have the magazine design in indesign, you can drop inside the placeholder but you need to export your design in PDF or JPG.

Try this search✓&term=magazine&referrer=search&view=list&category=after-effects-project-files%2Fproduct-promo

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Thanks, but I don’t need a video to promote the look of a magazine. It’s a little different. I need a magazine and a video that are separate from each other, but have the same look and style.