Can NOT view film footgage in project I purchased from VideoHive on Mac

Hello everybody,

My name is Manale. Can I ask for your help please?

I’m completely new to Adobe After Effects so am a total newbie. Apologies in advance if this has already been covered but I tried doing a search and couldn’t find any similar topic.

Yesterday I bought one of the fashion design projects from Videohive that had footage of several models and cool graphics. But when I downloaded the project and rendered it, ONLY the graphics came out. NONE of the footage of any of the models appeared.

Is there a special button I should be clicking or some special setting that typical newbies make?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @manalezhao , welcome to our forums!

Please take a moment to check the item description, as this is usually where it’s stated whether the project includes the material visible in the previews. More often than not however, that is not the case. Usually the content you referenced is there for presentation purposes only, as placeholders for your future content, and doesn’t come included with the download due to licensing (unless specifically advertised as such by the author, within the item description). This can apply to assets such as images, fonts, stock footage, audio tracks etc., which are frequently linked to within the item description, should you wish to purchase the exact same assets.

For future reference, for any item-specific questions, it’s usually best to contact the author directly, as they’re in the best position to assist you. The forums are great for general questions (as the current example) :slight_smile: Should you have further questions about that specific item,please refer to the comments section (right sidebar on the item page), or to the “Support” tab (right above the preview image).


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Thank you for clarifying contrastblack!

I just checked the production description and it’s pretty vague. It specifically says that the music is NOT included so I would assume that everything else is in fact included. But it doesn’t specifically say whether the preview material footage is included. Here’s the product link:

Here’s the description:

"Slideshow easy to edit. Insert your footage and change text.

20 text
43 footage

I used the font: Bodoni Bk BT
Music is not included in the project.
I used music:TwoMountains"

What would you think based on this?

Additionally, when I opened up the AE file, it says it’s converting it from a Windows project. Could the conversion mess up the footage file since I’m on a mac? But then, I would think there should be some advance measures/warnings given to mac users.

Thanks in advance,

PS - I also reached out to the author earlier today so have yet to hear back. If I don’t hear back by tomorrow, I’ll probably just request a refund as I have a project I need to finish asap. Thanks again for clarifying.

Hey @manalezhao, no worries.

Yeah, description could’ve been clearer, but there’s still a chance that the author will be able to provide those assets once they respond. Personally, I don’t expect any assets to come included with a template, as I’m purchasing an AE template specifically to fill it with my own content.

That said, I totally understand why this may not be the default expectation, and a clearer description would certainly help avoid any confusions. Please by all means do open a quick ticket via this link and provide a brief description of the situation, so the team can look into this as well.

I don’t believe the Mac/Win conversion would have anything to do with this, the folder structure should still reflect those assets if they were included.

Kind regards

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