A friend of mine and I set up a website together. It is a directory bought from Envato. She then emigrated and left me in charge of the website.

The only issue is that she now works full time on other projects. Therefore when the directory theme produces an update OR I want to get support there is none. I wondered how I get the updates and the support as I wasn’t the one to make the purchase therefore it’s in her account? Is there a workaround? THANK YOU kindly for the help.

Unfortunately this is all tied to the purchasing account .

If it’s WP then you can use the envato plugin to access updates via WP-admin but access to the source files and support etc will only be available to your friend


Thanks, Charlie. What would happen if I straight bought the theme again? Would that mean that I would get support do you think?

Yes if you buy a new license then it would reset

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