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I like the OTW Grid Manager but I can’t get the columns to be uniform in height. If I have a 1×2 configuration like on this page http://latterain.com/rekindle-the-flame/ the columns with adjust to the content so the boxes look uneven in height. I’d like the boxes to be uniform. Is that possible? Would appreciate if someone has an idea. thanks.


If your 2 columns content is different then the box height will be different and it is normal. If you want to display with the same height then you have to write css for that columns and have to set min-height css. I have made css only for that page (your provided link) you can use and try it. Just add the following css:

#otw_grid_manager_content_77 .otw-row:nth-child(2) .contentbox-content {
   min-height: 950px;


This is really great thanks! I’ve tried to work this out but i’m new at css and can’t figure out how to get it loaded in to the content blocks. if you have any pointers on that i’d be grateful

Johnathan Dunn

please add the above css in your theme css (assets/css/virtue.css) and will be fine for that page and that 2 columns. Thanks

got it to work thanks! would mind sharing how to inform the css to target that specific content box? If I understand that idea I should be able to target the remaining sections of my site. thanks again

you have to write css based on block parent id as like I have used for that block: #otw_grid_manager_content_77

great I understand the concept now. how do i get the id # for other blocks?

use browser inspect tools.

found it! thank you so so much.

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