Only moderators entitled?

Following these approvals just below, where the difference from one render to another is just the change in color and size. Can I sell my projects in AE and Motion5 separately in this way? Creating a single effect and only making versions of colors and sizes and put the sale to gain more … So changing the values ​​between $ 8 to $ 25? Can I do this or only moderators have that right?

Render 1:

Render 2:

Render 3:

It’s against the rules to call out authors or items, but I’ll let it slide under the circumstances! Yes, you are welcome to do that. A lot of authors upload 4K and HD versions these days, as it gives more choice to the buyers. And I wouldn’t say two colour options was overdoing it, but I’m sure the reviewers would have something to say about it if they were fifty shades of something.

So yeah, feel free to upload 4K and HD stuff… knock yourself out! As for AE and Motion 5, keep in mind that they are different categories, so who knows if they have different criteria for acceptance? and I want to add, this normal?

If it’s against the rules … feel free to delete the topic. If I am the creator of the project, I will do a 4K render to sell. Who is to buy, is free to resize. Now the difference in values ​​jump from $ 8 to $ 25 just because of size. I find disloyalty with buyers. I was not convinced of your judgment.

What’s wrong with it?

Well you can upload a HD version, a 4K version, or a HD and a 4K version… it’s up to you. That’s not my judgement, that’s just how it is. Some people need and want 4K content, and are happy to pay the higher price… some people only need HD, and don’t want to pay the extra. Providing both gives the buyers more options.

Then only 2K, 720p and 480p versions are missing. Good sales!

45± identical projects, added as different like projects(there are only different icons)

Well you’re not allowed to upload 480p content, and I feel that 2K content doesn’t offer a big enough increase in value, compared to the increase in price… so I stick to HD and 4K.

Yep… looks good to me. Obviously if they were the same icons that had been uploaded in 45 different colours, then that would be pretty ridiculous. But there’s 60 unique icons in 45 different packs, so I don’t see anything wrong with it. There’s enough variety to make them separate items, and too many icons to lump together in one pack.

That’s right. The amount goes up from $ 8 to $ 25 … Only if you get your 4K render and resize it to 2K, you would already have opened a few options to earn at least $ 17 on that easy and fast render to 2K. That is the question, if we create the bigger option, the buyer can resize to the size we choose, we would be fair. When creating render versions changing only colors and sizes, it sets the precedent so others can do the same thing. It is not fair for a reviewer to approve of one or another rejection.

The ideal in this case of icons, is you sell pre-rendered, and only change colors and final render size. Making variations of the same layout. It would make more money.

They can resize to the size they choose, but they’re not going to want to pay $25 if they only need HD and will be scaling it down. So it’s best to create in 4K, and sell in 4K and HD. You’re not allowed two versions higher than HD by the way… so you can have HD and 2K but not HD and 2K and 4K. Just so you know!

The precedent had been set long before I started uploading 4K content… it’s allowed and lots of people do it!

So you can make 10 more color variations with the sizes allowed in your unique render to which you have the project and resell?

There’s no hard and fast rule on colours as far as I know, but ‘a variety’ of different colours is allowed. Ten is probably pushing it a bit!

3 Variation Rule
The Motion Graphics category operates under a 3-variation policy. Anytime an author submits 3 variations on any one item, we no longer accept any further variations on that same item. Variations can be in color, subject matter, or animation style. Below are a few examples of submission types that would apply under the 3 Variation Rule.
A particle animation that has been submitted multiple times, with each submission being the same as the last with the only difference being the color of the particles.
A flag waving animation that has been submitted multiple times, with each submission being the same animation with a different flag texture applied.
A particle animation that has a shape or 3D object instanced multiple times that’s been animated in some way. Each submission within the variation would be when the author swaps out the shape/3D object and submits the same animation with a variety of objects/shapes.
Reviewers will accept the first three variations of any one file, hard-rejecting all future variations. If you want to upload more than 3 variations of a particular file, we recommend creating up to 3 submissions, each containing two or more variations of the animation. So for example, if you have prepared 15 different variations, you could prepare 3 submissions with each one containing 5 variations.

I think this article covers amount of variations.


Good find!

I agree with the colours and everything else, but this one is a bit harsh…

A flag waving animation that has been submitted multiple times, with each submission being the same animation with a different flag texture applied.

What if nobody had ever uploaded a waving flag before, and some guy comes along with his three waving flag animations which all sell like hotcakes… and then some buyer who needs one of the thousands of other flags that exist around the world, is told that “the author isn’t allowed to make any more of those flag animations, so you’ll have to wait for another author to upload three more and hope that the flag you need is in that batch, and in the style you’re looking for. Or the next batch, or the next batch after that”.

Seems a bit counterproductive. But hey… I guess dems da rules.

I think it only means that if you doing batch of waving flags after 3 flags done you need to change waving animation a bit.

I’ll get started right away!