Envato, here's the fun stuff authors have to deal with.


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This project is identical to 2 other projects you’re currently selling, only with a different logo. Again, while we do have a policy that allows 3-variations on a single theme, 2 projects cannot be nearly identical to one another.

The fact that you have 2 already for sale is technically violating the rule, but since it was approved, we’ve given you an exception in this case.


A great looking project but as @MotionRevolver said, another repetition …
Just make something has new technology and complex excuation to get approved this is my experiance,

Good luck with other work and keep trying, the quality team here are very cooperative and very objective


They’re different keywords, clientele and a particle simulation.
Additionally, it was also in this case that a client asked for it -
https://videohive.net/item/dental-care-logo-reveal/20217325/comments?page=1&filter=all#comment_19068982 (bottom comment)

So these 3 different items,
Should’ve been one item,
Sharing 3 different niches,
Within the same 15 keywords?


Keywords aren’t factored into determining whether or not projects are similar.

Project variation is based on visual aspects only. From a design, execution, and concept standpoint, these projects are identical.

As you can imagine, you could take this exact animation, and change the logo/symbol to create an endless amount of identical projects, which is why the 3-variation rule exists.


Yet, You still haven’t answered a very simple yes and no question.
(And no, the concept is not the same. One item’s buyers end up being over 120 dentists in less than a year and the other one’s buyers are are architects and interior designers)

You’ve prevented buyers from getting this template on this marketplace, (even that they asked for it)
You’ve prevented envato from getting their %30 off this project,
And you’ve prevented me “As you can imagine” - from re-using a winning formula, just because you assume it can be easy to make and because you can)
(Not because of any technical matters nor any existing rule, you didn’t even give me the 3 variations here)

Again, please try answer the question from the previous post rather than doing everything but that?
(Should it have been 1 item for all of these animations?)


Johnny, I’m sorry but I think there may be some confusion as to what we mean by the term “concept”. A concept, when it comes to video templates, is the project’s overall design, appearance, and execution of animation. When we mention that the concept is the same between 2 or more projects, we aren’t referring to the subject matter or an object used inside of the animation.

From a standpoint of visual appearance and execution of animation, these projects are identical. All 3 show white lines emanating from 3D objects on a blue background, with basic white text accompanying the 3D object.

Furthermore, in all 3 projects, the 3D object is situated along the right 1/3 of the frame, with text on either side of the object. To be honest, the only different I can find between these projects is the 3D object itself. Everything else is identical.

For a visual reference, please compare screenshots of your 3 projects below:




Had these projects varied in some way, we may have been able to accept all 3. Perhaps altering the method in which the object builds onto the screen, or coming up with different movements, camera angles, or even using a different color for the background or lines.

But from the review team’s standpoint, you’ve taken the same Ae project, and duplicated it 3 times, only swapping out the 3D object to fit into a different genre or niche. Quite frankly, when viewing those 3 screenshots together, they look like they’re from the same project file.

So, the answer to your question above is yes. (Perhaps you missed it, but I actually mentioned this in the rejection email)

On the other hand, using your own portfolio to illustrate what IS considered an acceptable useage of the 3-variation rule, please reference the following 3 projects:

While the above projects use the same animation technique, and share visual similarities, they are not visually identical.

Hopefully this helps to understand a little more clearly. But as always, please let me know if theres still smoethign you’re not fully clear about.


Sell it to the client directly or add the additional animation to one of your existing items to make a pack. Problem solved.


Thanks for the advice SpaceStockFootage.
Just went thru your portfolio and saw a huge amount of Map variations (far more than 3 to put it mildly)

So as a staff member, is it fair that you’re allowed to tell me to put it all in one pack?
While you’re uploading an identical item for every State in the US / country in the world?
(You got more than a 100 of them easily approved and not even 3 approved for me?)


I’m not a staff member.

Has nothing to do with what’s fair or not. You’ve explained the situation… I’ve provided you with two solutions based on the facts.


Who needs fairness when you tag team with Envato’s reviewers, right?
None the less, thank you for the solutions, might consider updating the older dental item.


You missed my point. I provided two possible solutions to your problem. Those solutions are neither fair or unfair… they are just solutions. Whether it is fair that your items have not been approved is a different matter entirely… one that I have not even commented on either way.

And just for the record, I have never ‘tag-teamed’ with a reviewer, whatever that means.